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Recipient Mares

Recipient Mares

Following the introduction of our own ET facility and in response to our preference to select our own embryo recipient mares, we started selecting mares specifically for the purpose of carrying embryos and now have 40 recipients in our herd which we believe are all excellent embryo recipient candidates.

We believe that the quality of the recipient herd is a key aspect for our foal’s future development, which is why the herd includes many mares with good breeding and potential in their own right, as well as some State Premium German and PROK KWPN mares.

Our recipient requirements are:
4-10 years of age
No reproductive problems conceiving, during pregnancy, delivery or with their foals in their history
No stable vices
Good characters to handle
Good characters with other horses
Paddock sound
Free from EIA, EVA and strangles (blood tested before arrival)
In overall good health and condition
We accept maidens & proven mares but given the option prefer a proven mare

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