Dressage Stallions


Dressage Stallions

We DO NOT own any of the stallions listed below. These are all sires of our mares or youngstock. We are very proud of the top class and sporting dressage bloodlines we have acquired at MSJ.

Images courtesy of Kiki Beelitz, Bronkhorst, Bugtrup, Digital World, Ernst, Eylers, Frielar, Feldhouse, Lafrentz, Melissen, Rau, Ridenhesten, Ruschel, Schreiner, Racki, Guia Pavese and Wiegaarden.

Ampere image Ampere


KWPN, Bay, 168cms, 2005,

Rousseau / Flemmingh pref / Amor pref

Ampere was a success from the start, when he left the arena as the most expensive foal at the foal auction Borculo. In February 2008 at the stallion show Don Bosch he was the convincing champion. After, he was the winner of the 70 day performance test in Ermelo, with the following marks; walk 8, trot 9, canter 9.5, suppleness 9, self carriage and balance 8.5, rideability and work ethics 9, talent for dressage 9.

Ampere is the third licensing stallion of father Rousseau in a row. Rousseau himself was silver medallist at the world championships for young horses in 2003


Bordeaux image Bordeaux


2006 – 16.2 – KWPN
United x Gribaldi x Donnerhall

Winning at the KWPN licensing in 2009, he also became the winnner of the stallion performance test in Ermelo. Bordeaux is currently Hollands most successful dressage stallion of his age-group having been considered top favourite at the age-group final in s'Hertogenbosch. His sire United has finished his performance test in Ermelo with the highest results ever: 9.5 for trot, canter and dressage ability.


Charmeur image Charmeur


2007 - 17.0 – KWPN
Florencio x Jazz x Ulft

From his first public appearances Charmeur has been considered a real "eye-catcher" and is expected to live up to the example of his world champion sire, Florencio, who in the early 2000's received multiple 10 ratings for young dressage horse events. His dam's side contains the successful Jazz pedigree, which represents a whole line of winning dressage horses.


Cennin image Cennin


Vivaldi / Donnerhall
Clearly influenced by the looks, appearance and talent for collection passed on by his dam’s sire, Donnerhall, we are delighted to have the current 2012 Oldenburg main premium Reserve Champion stationed in Holtrup again. Cennin presented a striking first foal crop in Oldenburg in 2012, characterized by a strong move-off, elastic movements and a very attractive, athletic type. There is every reason to believe that his foals will make great dressage horses when they grow up.


DiMaggio image DiMaggio


Don Primero / World Cup I / Lindberg

DiMaggio ranked fourth at the 1999' Bundeschampionat, became World Champion of five-year old dressage horses in Arnheim/NED in 2000 and was then victorious up to Inter I. In 2002, he presented the British Warmblood Champion and the British Sport Horse Champion, both originating from his first crop in Great Britain. After his return DiMaggio made a perfect debut as sire. Right from his first crop in Germany, all three presented colts, which were as well sold for top prices as foals at elite auctions, have been licensed. In the meantime, the number of licensed sons has increased to 20, thereunder FS Demiral, who was finalist at the Bundeschampionat for young dressage horses and is now winning up to Inter I.


Danone I image Danone I

Danone I

2000 – 17.1 – Hanoverian
De Niro x Weltmeyer x Bolero

Danone I took the Swedish licensing in 2003, also the finalist of the World Championships of young dressage horses in Verden 2006. He has plenty of expression and action in his foreleg and a fantastic step in his hind leg, his ability for collection is visible in every step, this isn’t surprising bearing in mind the bloodlines he’s associated with – De Niro as his sire and Weltmeyer as his damsire. Danone I has 4 licensed sons, including the second most expensive premium stallion of the Hanoverian Licensing.


Dante Weltino image Dante Weltino

Dante Weltino

2007 - 16.2 – Oldenburg
Danone I x Welt Hit II x Noble Roi II

Dante Weltino was the 1st Oldenburg Reserve Champion in 2009, took his 30-day test in 2010 in Schlieckau which he passed with high scores and in 2011 he was placed among the best in tests for young dressage horses, showing his powerful acceleration, elasticity and three outstanding gaits. The dam’s sire, Welt Hit II, was listed 2011 among the top ten in the WBFSH’s list of the world’s best sires.


Desperados image Desperados


Hannoverian, Black, 169cm, 2001

De Niro / Wolkenstein 11 / Matcho AA

Desperados career started high - he was a main premium stallion at the 2001 Hannoverian licensing, having already completed his 30 day test with the highest scores (a 9.5 for his canter, 9.0 from both guest riders).

He won the 3yr ridden championships in Verden, he was a Bronze Medalist at the Bundeschampion both 2004 and 2005. In 2010 he won the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg, and was placed in the final of the median cup. This year he won the Grand Prix, and GP special, at the Oldenburg special CD14*. He was selected into the last seven for the German 2012 Dressage team with his rider Kristina Sprehe.


De Niro image De Niro

De Niro

1993 – 16.3 – Hanoverian
Donnerhall x Akzent II x Wiesenbaum xx

A combination of Oldenburg and Trakehner, with a hint of Thoroughbred, makes De Niro a sire of noble sport horses, a stallion of super type and performance.
De Niro is a legend dressage sire, with 70 sons licensed, with his offspring achieving worldwide. De Niro has been extremely successful, with a long list of achievements.


Detroit image Detroit


2005 – 16.3 – Oldenburg
DiMaggio x Lord Liberty G x Goldloewe

Detroit, sired by DiMaggio – who was 1995 world champion of dressage horses- was the most expensive colt at the auction in Vechta in his day. An extremely charming stallion, with excellent gaits, passes to his offspring both a good hindquarter with great front end technique. His dam, Rhapsodie, makes him exceptionally worthy of breeding stallion. This dam line can be followed back to the middle of the 19th century and originated in Wendland, the stronghold of Hanoverian jumper breeding.


Don Romantic image Don Romantic

Don Romantic

1999 – 16.3 – Danish WB
Don Schufro x Romancier x Mago xx

Don Romantic won Foal of the Year in Danish Warmblood and in 2002 became Champion Stallion and winner of his performance test. Taking the Championship again in 2003 and was awarded the Aage Ravn trophy as well as the gold medal, which has only be awarded to a young stallion twice before in the history of Danish Warmblood. In his performance test he became overall winner with an amazing 885 points, scoring 10 for canter and ridability. He passes on his excellent type and extraordinary gaits, which makes him perfect for a wide range of mares.


Floriscount  image Floriscount


Florencio / Donnerhall / Walldorf

An absolutely world-class horse with an incredible presence! A horse with great movements including the certain potential.

His sire Florencio I was World Champion for young dressage horses in 2004 and 2005 and won the VHO Trophy at St. Georges level. The 2004' Main Premium Winner with emphasis on dressage produced meanwhile over 40 licensed sons.

The dam Elite Mare Arkona presented the Premium Stallion Sandakan (by Sandro Hit), who is in breeding at the Swedish National Stud Flyinge, as well as in Mecklenburg the 2009' Premium Stallion Füchtels Floriscount II, who was sold at the P.S.I. Auction.


Furst Heinrich  image Furst Heinrich

Furst Heinrich

Fürst Heinrich was well on his way to stardom before his life was sadly cut short at age 7. Awarded a Premium Stallion at the NRW Licensing in 2000, he then went on to become Champion of his Performance Test in Münster-Handorf with a Dressage score of 8.82. In 2002 he was a Main Premium winner at Oldenburg. Qualifying for the Bundeschampionship with a score of 8.5, he then competed successfully in his class and came 2nd in the Final.

As a five year old in 2003 he was crowned World Dressage Champion, with Holga Finken in the saddle.


Fidertanz image Fidertanz


2002 – 16.1 - Rheinlander
Fidermark – Ravallo – Fruelingstraum II

Fidertanz was the Champion Stallion of the North Rhine-Westphalian stallion licensing, winner of his stallion performance test, Vice Bundeschampion, and in 1996 he was awarded the main premium for stallions with emphasis on dressage in Oldenburg in recognition of his outstanding first crop of foals.
Fidertanz-offspring have been sold for top prices at the auctions. He presented the winning colt at the German Foal Championships in 2008, and Fifty-Fifty, one of his daughters, was highly placed in Lienen in 2007.


Ferro image Ferro


Olympic Ferro is one of the great stallions for which frozen semen is still available. Ferro was extremely well bred with a good character and very good powerful hind legs. He was first in his stallion test.

Ferro has produced 8 KWPN Approved stallions such as Rousseau the winner of this stallion test and producer of winner of Stallion test as well, the recently Keur awarded Negro, and the well known Metall and Rhodium. He has 11 KWPN Approved grandsons. His great legacy has given him the very rare title of "Preferent" which is the highest predicate a stallion can have.

He showed a lot of talent in jumping and even started out in life as a show jumper and ended up one of the more eminent dressage stallions of modern times

This charming, talented black stallion achieved the title of "Keur" in 2000. He can be relied upon to produce beautiful, typey, talented offspring of the highest quality.

Fantastic toplines and an elegant look characterize his get. In addition to their dressage excellence, Olympic Ferro's offspring also make good jumpers. Olympic Ferro is #1 on the BN World Stallion Rankings for dressage and is the top stallion and pride of the Netherlands, affectionately known as the "Black Pearl."


Fidermark  image Fidermark


Westphalian, Chestnut, 167cm,

Fidermark was the vice champion of the NRW approvals in 1994 and won the Warendorf state stallion performance test with a big margin in 1995. Further successes followed in 1996.
Fidermark's sire, Florestan was the champion of the 1988 Rhineland approvals and went on to win his 100 day test in Warendorf in 1989.


Franziskus image Franziskus


2008 – 16.2 – Hanoverian
Fidertanz x Alabaster x Rubinstein I

Franziskus started his career as winner of the German Foal Championship qualification. An excellent type with an uphill conformation, with three excellent basic paces: a perfect walk, a dynamic trot and a fantastic uphill canter. These excellent gaits were noted in 2011 when he won the 30 Day Münster-Handorf Stallion Performance test. In 2012, his ability for dressage was recognized as he won the 4 year old Stallions Division at the German National Championships for Young Horses known as the Bundeschampionate.


For Romance image For Romance

For Romance

Oldenburg / 171cm/ 2009

Furst Romancier / Sir Donnerhall / Don Schufro

For Romance - is the epitome of a model sire, and from a volitaire dam line that has accorded great success. Blessed with three expectional gaits, his canter, trot can only be described with superlatives and his character is also noteworthy.


Furst Romancier image Furst Romancier

Furst Romancier

2004 – 17.0 - Oldenburg
Furst Heinrick x Romancier x Winston

A main premium winner, he became the most successful stallion of his age group at the World Championships for 5 year old dressage horses in 2009. At the Bundeschampionate he reached second place in the qualifier for the final. In his stallion performance test he received top scores, all above 9.0 for his basic gaits. Fürst Romancier sired the champion stallion of the Oldenburg licensing, For Romance, who was auctioned for a Sensational price of 750,000 Euro.


Furstenball image Furstenball


2006 – 16.2 – Oldenburg
Furst Heinrick x Donnerhall x Classiker

After selling for a record price of 110,000 Euro as an auction foal, being celebrated licensing winner and stallion performance test winner with Sensational dressage index scoring 154.98 points, he went on to become Bundeschampion of five-year old dressage horses in 2011. In 2012 he confirmed again his quality with high placings in the regional championship and Bundeschampionat as well as at the World Championships for six-year old dressage horses.


Royal Diamond image Royal Diamond

Royal Diamond

1994 – 16.2 – Oldenburg
Rubinstein x Inschalla AA x Chronist

Royal Diamond was an I-f premium stallion of the Oldenburg approvals and was champion of the stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse in 1997. In 1998 he won a number of dressage horse competitions up to elementary level with scores including 9.0. In 1999, the grey stallion became runner-up of the federal five-year old dressage championship. In 2000, he left his fellow contestants behind to win gold at the federal championship of six-year old dressage horses.
Royal Diamond has presented a high class first crop of foals.


Negro image Negro


His achievements:
Negro is a winner of both the stallion competition in 2000 and 2001, he won the title “Young Star Stallion” (Zwolle 2001). During the 2001 World Championships in Verden Negro was the best 6-year-old KWPN.
Negro has successfully completed his small tour period. Of his four starts, he won three times. His first start in the Big Tour, he won convincingly by the score of 72.50% super debut, using his unparalleled talent for piaffe and passage showed.

Negro is high on the latest dressage index, with 150 (92%) which has satisfied the requirement for him to be awarded the KWPN’s highest honour for a stallion of “preferent”. His children are doing extremely well in the sport.

They are internationally in high demand. Negro’s offspring are widely appreciated for the great cooperative nature, inquisitiveness, hard work, and of course the trade balance of Negro No. 1: the great hind leg use, and great potential for change.

Negro’s children make a stir everywhere, with champions, approved stallions and daughters talked out in the USA, UK, Scandinavia etc..

Despite his still young age, his children are competing and winning at the highest level, including the most famous son Valegro – who was 2011 European Team Gold Medal Winner.

Also through the powerful and positive influences of his genetics, he is becoming increasingly valued as a maternal sire.


San Amour image San Amour

San Amour

2004 – 16.3 – Oldenburg
Sandro Hit x Plaisir d’Amour x Figaro

Main premium champion San Amour is an exorbitant mover with perfect contours plus an uphill conformation, dynamic paces and an elegant, light action. His dressage index at the performance test was also the highest in his group at 137.4. He was awarded 9.5 for rideability and he qualified for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf with ease. San Amour produced a premium stallion and another licensed son at the Oldenburg licensing, and also licensed stallions in Hanover, NRW and Zweibrücken.


Quaterback image Quaterback


Quatermann / Brandenburger / Brentano II

He was the radiant Bundeschampion of three year old riding horses in 2006 with the highest scores for his trot and canter.

Quaterback comes from one of the most successful mare lines in modern day. His dam 'Passionata' is half sister to 'Unforgotten World' champion and double Bundeschampion, Poetin.


Sir Donnerhall image Sir Donnerhall

Sir Donnerhall

2001 – 16.2 – Oldenburg
Sandro Hit x Donnerhall x Feldherr

An exceptional dressage breeding stallion with no ifs or buts. Sir Donnerhall is a Bundeschampion, Vice World Champion and was the undisputed top stallion at his licensing in Adelheidsdorf, where he achieved the highest score ever of 163 in his dressage index and at his 30 day test he was the winning stallion. Sir Donnerhall's pedigree contains the perfect combination of genes from Sandro Hit and Donnerhall.


Totilas image Totilas


2000 – 17.0 – KWPN
Gribaldi x Glendale x Akteur

Totilas has changed the world of dressage, set three world records, which he himself had broken again and again, within a short time under Edward Gal. Sired byr Gribaldi, Totilas has got plenty of results to his name - two times Individual Gold and a Team Gold at the 2010 World Championships, Individual and Team Gold at the European Championships in Windsor, 2010 World Cup winner and best horse of the German silver team. In 2011 he had his first crop of top-class foals, including Total Ideal and Tout le Monde.


Vivaldi image Vivaldi


2002 – 16.3 - KWPN
Krack C x Jazz x Ulft

Vivaldi’s uphill conformation is highlighted by his appealing front end. He has inherited the amazing forearm elevation and extension of his illustrious sire, Krack C and has a well-built and developed riding horse type with a good rectangular frame. As a young horse he was fourth place in the first day of the Pavo cup for 4 year-old dressage horses, 2005. In 2007 he was Champion of the Pavo cup for 5 year old dressage horses. In 2007 Vivaldi achieved first place in the Stallion Competition Hengelo, 2007/2008.


Vitalis image Vitalis


Vitalis was the reserve champion of the NRW-stallion licensing in Westphalia Germany. In 2007 he was champion of the foal championship in Holland, and was the first approved son out of the first foal crop of Vivaldi. His father is one of the most desired dressage sires of his generation and descends out of the highly appreciated Utopia line. Vivaldi’s half sister Wiona Utopia became champion at the national mare show in 2006. With Krack C (Anky van Grunsven), Jazz (Tineke Bartels) and Cocktail (Anky van Grunsven) we see three generations Grand Prix horses in a row in Vivaldi’s pedigree.

As three year old the mother of Vitalis was the mare champion of the province Limburg in Holland. Dam sire D-day was successful at Prix St George level. Great grand father Argus was successful at Grand Prix level in both dressage and jumping. The stallion Aktion, out of the fourth generation, was ridden at Grand Prix level


Zonik image Zonik


Danish WB / Black / 168cms

Zack / Romanov / Don Schufro

Winner of the 2012 Danish 4yr old final.

Zack is the son of vice world champion dressage horse Rousseau, who presented three times in a row the KWPN Stallion, won 2010 with 9.22 to qualify for the Danish championships for six year old horses.


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